update ... at last !
This has been an eternity since the last update. I have a lot of work going on, unfortunately I can't show most of it yet. I've still updated the gallery with new pictures from several projects, Vampire, Midnight, Call of Cthulhu, Grimm, book cover, etc ...


Happy new year 2007 !
I updated the gallery with some new pictures, enjoy !


Some new pictures in the Gallery, I should add more before the end of the year :)
Merry Christmas !


A lot of new pictures. Some color works for A Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu CCG and black and white works for the Midnight RPG.
I also removed some older pictures that were not anymore representative of my skills. In the next update I might remove some more.


After some problems with my domain, I had to buy a new one and move my website. The new address is http://www.michelkoch.fr. Don't forget to update your bookmarks and to update your website if you are linking to me.


A lot of new pictures in the gallery : Anachronism cards, RPG interiors, World of Warcraft fanart, etc ...
I am now accepting commissions. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you need my services.


After a very long time whithout any update I took the time to add some new pictures. I can't show you everything I've done in the past monthes yet... but you can see a selection in the gallery
I am working on new cards for the "Anachronism" TCG, I will upload them as soon as I have the rights to do it.


Quite a big update this month, you can see 7 new pictures I did for "A game of Thrones" in the gallery.
This page is also now available both in english and french, just switch with the two links at the top.


I added some sketches in the concept/sketch section, a new AGOT card, and two new covers.
I am currently working on 8 new cards for "A Game of Thrones", I will add them to the gallery at the end of the month.

04/01/05 : Happy new year !

Big update today : I finished my assignment for the new Cthulhu CCG extention : Forbidden Relics. You can see the pictures in the CCG section of the gallery.

I had the chance to work on the covers for two ASIMOV novels : "Nemesis" and "the currents of space", it is a bit frightening to work for such an important author. You can see them in the cover section of the gallery.

I am also working on the covers for all "Francis Carsac" titles who will be published by EONS. I added the first one : "la vermine du lion".

I received some e-mails asking for prints of my Cthulhu pieces, thank you for your interest in my works =). I am right now considering adding a "prints" section and selling some high quality limited prints of some pictures, but I need some feedback to see if people are interested.

30/10/04 : new pictures in the Cover section

I just finished a cover for the book "Shéol" by "Jean-Pierre Fontana" published by EONS you can see it in the gallery.

I am also working on two other covers, I should upload them quite soon !


I uploaded the last picture of my "A Game of Thrones" assignment in the gallery. This was really a great experience, those cards should hit the stores at the end of the year.

Now I can start to work on other projects, stay tuned for next updates =)


Three new "A Game of Thrones" pictures in the gallery. It was the first time I had to paint ships, it was really fun. Maybe those pictures are a bit less personal but I am quite happy with the result.

01/10/04 : new picture

A new "A game of Thrones" card is in the gallery section : master of shackles

29/09/04 : new pictures

I've added a lot of new pictures in the gallery section. Especially a bunch of cards I've done for Fantasy Flight Games. I am working on their card games : Call of Cthulhu, and A Game of Thrones.

28/09/04 : New website version

At last !! I've decided to take some time to work on my website. I've reworked the whole interface and it should be more like a real website now =). I've added the much needed Links section, as well as a Contact page with things about myself.

I hope you'll enjoy this new version of my website, and thank you for the time you spend visiting it.

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